Clients say…

“I can’t thank her enough. It feels as if i’m cradled in the arms of mother earth herself”

“You did it! You fixed my back. After months of stiffness and pain, four sessions with you in that delicious water and I’m a new man. Thank you!”

“My daughter and I loved this work so much we each did it twice during our stay”

“I wanted to formally thank you for the gifts you gave me. They will carry me forward in very positive ways”

“I have been going through a very difficult grieving process after the loss of my wife. Being held in the warm water, quietly, respectfully has helped to heal my heart.”

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed my experience in the water. You really helped me to find a place within myself I had not seen in awhile”

“You have started me on my healing journey and this is something that I will be eternally thankful for”

“My shoulder is very much better and my soul renewed”

“Thank you for the incredible experiences I’ve had with you. You have helped me understand what was missing in my life:Tenderness”

“Your gift for healing has made my continuing journey one filled with light. Thank you!”

“An incredible experience both physically and mentally and Adrianne’s understanding and gentleness and strength are unparalleled. A very healing hour.”

“Without Aquatic Massage I think the level of job stress I have in my life would kill me, or at least give me a stroke. I know I am being dramatic but there really is something to it. Thank you for chilling me out and reminding me to breathe every time I am in Tucson.”

Students say…

“Learning a new form of bodywork was just the beginning of this wonderful, life-altering class.  Adrianne’s kind presence, wisdom and technical expertise are a real treat to experience.  Her contagious love of Aquatic Massage shines through her teaching manner and style, and makes learning extremely enjoyable.  The small class size allowed for plenty of personal attention and opportunity to ask questions about difficult sequences and issues related to working with clients.  This is an experience I will never forget; I feel changed for the better professionally as well as personally.  I would not hesitate to recommend Adrianne’s classes.”

Aly Waibel – Dublin, Ireland

“Elaine Marie’s teaching is impeccable.  She strives to empower all her students in the work of Aquatic Massage.  Even I, at the tender age of 55, learned a new skill and now have a successful practice.  I am still a novice practitioner of Aquatic Massage, but find that the beautiful flow and grace of this work has entered my land massage and deepened the level of connection I have with my clients…. Thank you for this life altering opportunity”