Therapist Certification

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Course Descriptions

AQUATIC MASSAGE is intended to prepare the professional or novice  bodyworker to enter the world of warm water bodywork with confidence, ease, and grace.

Aquatic Massage is a Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA) approved elective toward Watsu Certification.

The Aquatic Massage 120 hour Certification program includes, 80 hours of in depth Aquatic Massage Instruction, and 40 hours of documented independent practice.

The two-week course provides two 40-hour certificates for a total of 80 CE hours with NCBTMB approval being completed later in the year.  If your state licensing comes due before we receive the NCBTMB Provider number, you may turn in your temporary certificate, as CE hours are granted retroactively.

aqua-massage_a170Level One

The focus is on presence, breath, body mechanics, and technique.

Throughout this level, students will be taught individual sequences comprised of a repertoire of movements with an emphasis on flow, and the seamless qualities of Aquatic Massage.

Level Two

The focus is on practical application as we review, expand, and refine the material while working with models.

Throughout this level, students will be asked to choose specific material that is appropriate for particular clients.  To accomplish this, the class will give sessions to the general public, with the intention of gaining experience working with a wide variety of body types with different issues.  Many of the challenges faced in Aquatic Massage in the professional setting will be addressed. Students who already are practicing other forms of healing work will be encouraged to bring their knowledge and experience on land to the aquatic environment.

We have had the privilege of working with:

  • A woman who had a cardiac condition, who was on oxygen with a 25-foot cord, and who weighed more than 300 pounds.
  • A solidly-built university linebacker, weighing 240 pounds, dealing with some very heavy emotional issues.
  • A young mother, nine months pregnant with her second child, had a sonogram showing the baby to be breech and hoped the session would create a space for the baby to turn. The next day we received a call from her that the baby had turned.

Note: These and thousands of other situations are possible in the real world of bodywork. It is good to encounter a few of the possibilities while in a supportive class situation. Our intention is simply to hold the space safe and sacred, without an agenda or specific intention, and with our total attention. We strive to allow our students to become more confident in, and trusting of, the innate healing process of the unique being in their arms.

Certification Completion

The final phase of certification requires the student to complete 40 documented practice sessions. There is nothing like practical experience on a variety of body types to complete your education. Demonstration of proficiency with an instructor for any minor fine tuning will then result in a 120-hour Certificate of Completion.

Level Three

For the passionate Therapist who wants more, there is a third week focused on more subtle sequences and movements. This is not required, and you will know when this advanced level  is right for you.

Instructor Certification

We require the prospective student instructor to have completed the Aquatic Massage certification process, and have a minimum of 1000 hours of professional Aquatic Massage experience. When you have met these requirements you may schedule an interview with Elaine Marie.