Aquatic Massage treatmentWelcome!

Aquatic Massage is the healing embrace of warm water magnified by the presence of a skilled therapist. Using a variety of individualized massage techniques, spine softening movements, opening stretches, and dynamic stillness, the therapist, water, and client work together to activate and amplify the body’s innate movement toward balance.

The founder, Elaine Marie, is a  State of California certified massage and Watsu instructor and therapist, with more than 20 years of experience.  She has certified more than 1,000 students and given more than 10,000 treatments all over the world. She has been developing and refining the techniques, movements, and philosophy of Aquatic Massage since she assisted with the first Watsu Certification course with Watsu founder Harold Dull in 1986.

Filmed at Santa Rita Springs in Tucson, Arizona.

This kind of freedom simply is not possible on dry land. The landscape of bodywork becomes an unformed waterscape, without hard edges — a soft space where safe, nurtured expansion is possible.

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